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同行共跑 2019


It has been a popular event among social workers, service users and social work students, as well as their family members since launching in 2009.

2019年的「同行共跑」在2月24日,於白石角海濱長廊舉行。這次活動的構思是要鼓勵健康生活,並帶出「同行」(togetherness) 這個信息的重要性。今年有超過880名參加者,來自超過55個團體及機構參與。當中約有100名參加者參與「與你同行」活動。本年度更新增了團體賽際,同工與服務使用者組隊參與賽事,期望藉此能突出社工與服務使用者之間的團結,並為實現一個共同目標而努力。

The Long Run, as a prelude of the Social Work Day (Hong Kong), was held on 24th February 2019 in Pak Shek Kok Promenade.  The main idea was to encourage healthy living and bring out the message of togetherness.
More than 880 participants from over 55 parties and organisations were attracted to it. There were around 100 participants joining “Walking with You”. In order to highlight the togetherness between social workers and service users in pursuit of a common goal, a new category, team race challenge, was first introduced in the competition which social worker and service user joined as a team to participate in the race.

2019 同行共跑 精華重溫