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今年是香港慶祝社工日的第十三年。本年度的主題為「同行」(Walk Together),強調在不同背景下的融洽關係,例如社工和服務使用者之間、社工和社工之間、服務使用者之間的關係,並重申社工與不同持份者之間的伙伴關係和合作,以及共同努力改善社區的重要性。今年主題與世界社工日(World Social Work Day) 2019年的主題「促進人際關係的重要性」(Promoring the importance of human relationship) 互相呼應,強調建立並維持社會和諧及進步的人際關係。

This year marked the 13th year of Social Work Day celebration in Hong Kong. The theme of this years is “Walk Together”同行 , which emphasizes the rapport in different contexts, such as between social workers and services users; social workers and social workers, service users and service users.  It also reiterates the importance of partnership and collaboration between social workers and stakeholders to work together for the betterment of our community. The theme also echoes the World Social Work Day’s theme “Promoting the importance of human relationship”, which highlights the human relationship underpinning and sustaining the harmony and progress of our society.

本年度的社工日(香港)於 319日舉行。一系列的活動包括同行共跑、WhatsApp 貼圖及口號設計比賽亦順行進行。感激各屆的參與,讓今年的社工日能圓滿結束。

Social Work Day (Hong Kong) of this year was on 19th March 2019. A series of activities, including Long Run event, WhatsApp stickers and slogan design contest, etc. were held  during the event. Great appreciate to all the participants who make this event ends successfully.

WhatsApp Sticker Contest

本年度的社工日(香港)亦舉辦了以「同行」為題的 Whatsapp 貼圖設計比賽。目的是提升社會對社工日(香港)和本屆主題「同行」的關注。這次活動分別有口號設計及貼圖設計兩項比賽。共收到16份口號參賽作品,以及25份貼圖參賽作品,並讓公眾於Facebook 及「同行共跑」當天進行投票。現在,共有15個貼圖可供公眾於社工日(香港)App內下載。

WhatsApp Stickers Contest was carried out with the theme 'Walk Together' in order to raise the public awareness on the topic and Social Work Day (Hong Kong). There are two groups in contest, one is sticker design and another one is slogan design. Totally 16 slogans and 25 stickers were received. The selected stickers was published on Facebook and on Long Run event day for public votes. There are 15 WhatsApp stickers available on the Social Work Day (Hong Kong) App and open to public to download.

Long Run Event

請參考 同行共跑分頁。(活動花絮>同行共跑)


Once again, thank you all for participating in Social Work Day (Hong Kong). Hope to see you again next year!